Democracy and Higher Education: Situation Analysis of Higher Education in Chin State (Chin Version, 2 articles in Burmese)

This report presents 9 research articles on the situation of higher education in Chin State, 1 articles on higher education in Kale city of Sagaing region and 1 article on drafted Higher Education Bills. Download Here

Understanding Political Participation and the Level of People Participation in Chin State

This report presents the relationship between Chin people and Chin parliaments and the level of people participation in political activities in Chin State. Read our full report here: Read Full Report

People, Trust and Government: Chin Public’s Perceived and Experienced Level of Corruption

This report examines Chin public opinion on corruption in Chin State. It looks at both perceived and experienced levels of corruption in Chin State. It also highlights the public’s perceived level of   corruption in non-government sectors such as private businesses, religious institutions and non-governmental organizations but with a focus on bribery in public sector. The finding in this   report is based on face-to-face interviews in Hakha with 658 respondents who are at least 18 years old, and were conducted between November 20, 2017 to December 20, 2018. Download Report

A Glance of Coordination Meeting

Using text-mining qualitative approach, we carefully studied how interviewees rated the coordination meeting and we identified that only 1 out of ten interviewees rated coordination meeting as “neutral” and none of them rated it as “negative”. The rest 9 participants rated it as “positive”. This clearly suggests that there are many advantages of coordination meeting. Download Report

Vocational Training Impact Assessment

From July 2017 to June 2018, Chin Civil Society Network (CCSN) implemented “Vocational Trainings for Youths and Creating Job Opportunities” program with a grant of 25 million kyats from Upland Township Fund of GRET. To evaluate the impact of this project, CCSN teamed-up with research team from Chinbridge Institute and conducted post-project impact survey between October 4-15, 2018. This two-pages report presents key finding from this survey. Download Report

Vocational Training Needs Assessment

This survey generates data to identify what vocational trainings need to be developed in Chin State. The data is based on face-to-face interview with more than 380 participants from 6 wards in Hakha, and 10 villages in Hakha township. The interview is conducted using structured questionnaire. Download Report