A Diverse Workforce

Chinbridge Institute workforce can be one of the most diverse work forces. We are from different educational background with different expertise. We hold degrees in theology and religious studies, science, including computer science and engineering, business administration, history and political science. The Chinbridge Institute is run by young, active and thoughtful young peoples challenging social stigma through research and advocacy, and education.

PERMANENT STAFF: The Chinbridge Institute currently has four permanent staff.

Elizabeth Van Tha Par is currently working as the key person for financial management and office administration. Whereas she mainly works as Accountant she also serves in-charge of Administration and Finance as well. She has been working with Chinbridge Institute since March 2018. He holds Diploma in A.G.T.I. from Government Technical Institute, Hakha.

Jenny Lanparmawii (HR Officer & Fraud and Compliance Officer)

Jenny Lalparmawii is the newest who joined Chinbridge Institute just recently in January 2019 but one of the key persons of the Chinbridge Institute. She is responsible for staffing and is also the key person behind strategic plan and social media engagement for Chinbridge Institute. Jenny earned Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA) in 2012 from Sikkim Manipal University, and Master of Business Administration (MBA) in 2015 from ICFAI University, India.

Ram Hlei Thang (Research Director & Lead Educator)

Ram Hlei Thang is a Research Director at Chinbridge Institute. He served as Research Consultant from 2017-2018. He holds Master degree in Political Science from University of Madras, and completed his M.Phil. thesis entitled, “Secularism and Its Challenges in Myanmar” from Jain University, India. He has two years’ experience in teaching from 2014-2016. He has authored book and articles in Chin including “Lainu Mivantha [Chin Woman, the Lucky One]” in 2012, and “Government, Christian Ethics, and Development” in 2019. He participated in a number of national and international seminars trainings such as National Seminar on Emerging Trends in Public Policy and Implications for Development, 2018 and Short Course on Advocacy and Refugee Rights in 2018. He is awarded Gold Medal for academic achievement for his master studies in 2014, and Academic Excellence Award for his theological studies 2011, and awarded First Price for essay competition on “Gender Equality in Chin Society” in 2018.

Van Cung Lian (Executive Director & Educator)

Van Cung Lian is Executive Director and Educator at Chinbridge Institute. He has led a number of research projects including anti-corruption research in Chin State, and Chin People, Chin Government and Chin Parliament, among others. He earned his M.A in “Religion, Politics and Society” from the University of Birmingham, England, in 2016. Van Cung Lian is also Core Member of Chin State Academic Research Network and is Assistant Network Secretary in-charge of Chin State Development Actors’ Network. Moreover, he participated in a number of professional programs such as International Conference on Burma Studies (Mandalay, 2017); ASEAN Youth Forum (Singapore 2017); and YSEALI Professional Fellow Program (California, 2018), among some more others. He is also a member (Early Career Research Member) of some professional associations such as International Political Science Association (Canada) and Political Studies Association (UK). Currently, Van Cung Lian also serves as Regional Research Consultant for Search for Common Ground organization for their Myanmar’s Peace Process research project which will run until June, 2019. Additionally, Van is also a participating member of NUPI Fellowship Program, a part-time research skills development program run by the Norwegian Institute of International Affairs.


Another three key persons, who work for Chinbridge from behind the scene, are Van Bawi Mang (Academic Consultant), Dawt Tha Par (Research Assistant) and Ngun Ceu Mang (Admin & Logistic Assistant).

Van Bawi Mang (Academic Consultant)

Van Bawi Mang, who has an extensive experience in working with CSOs and News Media, has been volunteering for the Chinbridge Institute since 2018 as Academic Consultant. In addition, his contribution towards Chinbridge’s research activities is marvelous and incredible.

Dawt Tha Par (Research Assistant)

Dawt Tha Par, a lecturer in English Language at Chin Christian University, is volunteering as Research Assistant, supporting the Chinbridge Institute as Research Assistant. She believe in doing by learning. So, she is now planning to do a mini-project on Education Research in Chin State that will be supervised by the Chinbridge Institute. Dawt Tha Par holds bachelor and master degrees in English Language.

Ngun Ceu Mang (Admin and Logistic Assistant)

Ngun Ceu Mang, is one of excellent Chinbridge’s alumni and now he is doing Diploma in Political Science and Public Administration at the Chinbridge Institute and Bachelor of Arts in History at Hakha College. He has been informally volunteering for the Chinbridge Institute since the beginning of 2018. He is again selected as 2019 Volunteer as Admin and Logistic Assistant to support office operation. Ngun Ceu Mang is also an Executive Committee member of Hakha College Student Union.