Diploma in Political Science

What is it all about?
This “Diploma in Political Science and Public Administration” is a long-term project that aims to facilitate and promote civic knowledge, civic skills and civic values which, in turn, will contribute to deepening of democracy in Myanmar as a whole, Chin State in particular. The uniqueness of this program is the integration of ‘learning by doing’ approach into the program. It means that the project goes beyond mere education programs, and aims to build a dynamic research and learning community to equip student to be able to explore and challenge issues Chin people are facing today, keeping in mind that the success of a strong and sustainable democracy in Myanmar requires civic knowledge, skill and value that reflect basic principles of democracy. These values should be promoted through education and research for democracy.

Why Should You Choose this Course?

This Diploma in Political Science and Public Administration course deals with theory and practices of politics along with political systems, behavior and culture in both national and international context. This comprehensive program is broken down into 10 modules as follow:

  1. Introduction to Research
  2. Moral Principles and Contemporary Moral Issues
  3. Introduction to Political Science
  4. Principles of Public Administration
  5. Introduction to Social and Political Theory
  6. Myanmar Government and Politics
  7. Comparative Government
  8. Introduction to International Relations
  9. Democracy, Power and Citizenship
  10. Political Dynamic