Democracy and Parliament

We are very much grateful to Global Research Network on Parliaments and People for supporting our research project entitles “Understanding Political Representation and the Level of People’s Participation in Myanmar’ Chin State”

This research primarily aims to increase knowledge on the functioning of democratic representation and the level of people’s participation in political processes in Chin State of Myanmar. This research uses both qualitative and quantitative research designs. In term of qualitative, there were three key activities such as focus-group discussion, participatory short-video clip and focus-group interviews. Participants in focus-group discussions were asked for their ideas and experiences on representation and participation, and a number of MPs and political party leaders were interviewed.

In term of quantitative, we conducted face-to-face with 1000 respondents across all 9 township in Chin State. This interviews examine public’s attitude towards representation and participation in Chin State. This survey is conducted to capture the functioning of Chin State parliaments from people’s perspectives and experiences. In combining both qualitative and quantitative research design, qualitative research was firstly implemented. Thus, it informs our questionnaires for quantitative research design.

We used a varieties of dissemination tools to communication the finding to as many audience as possible. For instance, we produce a short podcasts, leaflet, short-video clip, and written report in a book form.

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