Cert in Democracy Studies

This three-month long certificate course aims to equip student with a range of basic concepts and principles around democracy and local government. The following table present modules included in this course and timeline for each module.

The course is composed of three modules (1) Elements of Democracy, (2) Rights in a Democracy, and (3) Democratic Government and Chin State Local Government.

The first module covers topic such as: (1) Democracy and Decision-making, (2) , (3) Accountability, Transparency and Participation, and (4) Tolerance, Compromise and the Rule of Law.

The second module consists of topic such as (1) Rights in a Democracy, (2) Responsibilities and democracy, (3) Human Rights, and (4) Freedoms of Speech, Assembly and Association, and Equality.

The final, the third, module covers topics such as (1) Democratic and Authoritarian Government , (2) Advantages and Disadvantages of Democracy , (3) Government , (4) The Three Branches of Government  , (5) Local Governance in Chin State: Basic Principles of Federalism, Efficiency, Effectiveness, Rule of Law, Accountability and Transparency, Representation and Participation  , and (6) Local Governance in Chin State: Policies, Institutions, Process and Procedures, and Development Priorities. .