About Chinbridge

Chinbridge Institute is a research and learning center founded in June 2017 with the following objectives:

  • To serve as a platform for academic engagement to foster, promote and propagate academic knowledge within the field of social sciences and humanities.
  • To foster, promote and propagate social sciences education and research as a transforming force in both individual and societal life.

The vision of Chinbridge Institute is to be a trusted center of focused and reliable information to account for the past, direct the present, and shape the future.

The Chinbridge Institute, although young in term of its establishment, is known for research, civic education, advocacy and anti-corruption works in Chin State. It is often called by friends and some public officials as “corruption controller!” Chinbridge Institute is also actively engaging with CSOs and other development actors in Chin State. It also continuously supports Chin State Development Actors’ Network for “Development area Prioritization for Chin State”. Furthermore, Chinbridge Institute is a pioneering organization in creating platform for scholarly research and discussion in Chin State. Although Chinbridge Institute is young, it is the first and only organization in Chin State taking more challenging research work on corruption and Chin Parliament. We are committed to evidence-based decision making in order to help Myanmar move toward a strong democratic society.

In the last one and half year, Chinbridge Institute has completed research on corruption in Chin State, and “the relationship between Chin people and Chin State Parliament” funded by a UK-based Global Research Network on Parliaments and People and has supported Chin Civil Society Network for their project impact assessment and evaluation, and supported Chin Human Rights Organization (Yangon Office) for livelihood data collection in Chin State.

A part from our research activities, Chinbridge Institute also frequently organizes open access special seminar on issues importance to public, including issues such as corruption, peace process, federalism, secularism and other issues around democracy.

Chinbridge Institute is also a partner of Chin State Academic Research Network. As a partner, Chinbridge Institute contributes Ks.500, 000 annually to Chin State Academic Research Network for scholarship program. Chinbridge Institute is also an official organization member of META (Myanmar Alliances for Transparency and Accountability).